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Relying on such advantages as convenient transportation and dynamic economy, Xiamen Anfen Pet Animal Pro-
duct Industry Trade Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of various pet supplies located in the pictu-
resque costal city ĘC Xiamen, is dedicated in the development, production and sales of various pet supp-
lies,and will be full scale development in this domain.

Anfen's persons resolve making í░Anfení▒ mold into the first brand of Chinese pet thing! They grasps the concept thatí░The prestige is more important than the benefití▒; After many years market development, present í░Anfení▒ pet series things, raise in the whole world by the idea that í░the quality product, the good faith managementí▒, are on sale in major cities of China and are sold to 30-plus countries in Europe, U.S., Southeast Asia, etc.The products are sort to 12 big kinds , more than 30 minor sorts ,and nearly
5,000 varieties;

The quality and the variety quantity of our product locate the first place in the Chinese pet profession. There are not any post-sale service suit from beginning to end.

Our company workshop area amounts to more than 6,000 square meters, has the advanced equipmens to product
the pet thing, and the advanced managerial experience, more than 10 people of the senior design and deve-
lopment personnel, more than 300 people of the high quality staff, and has the strict examination and the management troop, the ourself's own import and export power, the product for sale abroad primarily, the
year production values amount to more than 20 million Yuan.

Until now along with company's high speed development, the perfect business management system has accompli-
shed one group of high qualities specialized talented people and the absolute sincerity cooperation team. Beginning with the manage, the thorough implementation í░talented person, the management, the quality, the culture, the image, the serviceí▒ six projects, let all of the company staff struggle together for the business goal í░the achievement remarkable brand, the accomplishment outstanding talented personí▒. Makes Anfen's humanities of spirit together.

Business goal: Achievement remarkable brand, accomplishment outstanding talented person

Enterprise spirit: The team cooperation, strives for realism enterprising, the professional spirit

Management pattern: The development innovation, the good faith for this, the quality are supreme

Service concept: The attention customer, the understanding customer, realize double wins

Work style: Earnestly completes each matter


Cooperating with "Promotes education Network Company" and "Good faith Investment company"; Completing the national largest-scale and special pet website! The book "The Chinese Pet Greatly Entire" will be freely provide to customers ! Website: Http://www.zgcwdq.com The content includes the profession news, the whole
world unfolds on the meeting, the supply and demand opportunity, the enterprise name list, the net commercial city, the pet forum, the pet hundred branches and so on;

í░Anfení▒ brand serial products including pet clothing, pet nest, pet sweater, pet leash, toy, pet medi-
cine, pet decoration, pet cleaning/caring supplies, bag, house, cage, etc. and other kinds of related product about pet.

We are expecting distributors, franchisors and customers from home and abroad!

Welcome the correlation production factory to receive the order form, to cooperate to form an alliance!

Welcome to Join Anfen for Market Exploration and Mutual Development!


Xiamen Anfen Pet Animal Product Industry Trade Co.,Ltd